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FO: New England Fog; WIPs: Mysteries!

17 Feb

So first, this happened:

That’s what happens when you forget the palm-side of a glove is supposed to be stockinette instead of rib and you don’t want to rip the whole thing out because you’ve already completed two and a half repeats of the cable pattern (14 rows each) and you’re at the thumb gusset, so you decide to drop back each of the purl stitches and bring them back up knitwise. To be fair, it only took an hour, which isn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, but still. Added a day to a project that was already taking too long.

But lo! Then they were complete.

Me and my glove ❤

That lovely photo was actually taken with my phone, because my camera’s battery died. I’m obscenely happy with it.

Showing off our cable-y goodness at the piano...

Letting our love for Adele be known...

Playing a bit of Someone Like You...

Having a morning cup of lemonade...

And bringing peace to the world through crappy webcam photos because my camera apparently doesn't believe in peace. Ignore the crazy eyes.

Pattern: Vancouver Fog by Jen Balfour
Time Span: 3 February to 12 February 2012
Materials: Classic Elite Lush that I got on sale from Butterfly Yarns in Wakefield for only eleven dollars for two skeins!
Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/annanlove19/vancouver-fog

Also, other knitterly things have been going on! But they’re not really in a state to be shown off, so have some Mystery Photos:

Mystery #1

Mystery #2

And as for February Photos…I’ve been busy having a CFS flareup and also a cold, and so I’ve kind of given up on them. Alas, ’twas fun while it lasted.


I am not a good daily blogger.

8 Feb

06. Color

These are the buttons I bought today to go with my Unicorn Tides cardigan! They’re a lovely teal color, and really bring out the zazz of the sweater without overpowering it.


07. Materials

Yarn! More specifically, Valley Yarns Lenox to knit my next sweater out of. Details on that coming up soon!


08. Challenging

This is a challenging self-portrait of me sewing in challenging set in seams for the second time, challenging my patience.

That’s all for tonight folks, but tomorrow you’ll get a Unicorn Tides FO post!

Today (And Yesterday) In Pictures

5 Feb

Apparently I am not very good at remembering to take pictures every day, but I am in fact quite skilled at taking them every other day. To make up for this deficit, have two of yesterday’s photo, Inspiration In Nature:

These were both taken from my couch of the rhododendron bush outside my house because I am very tired and it is very cold out (I presume; I currently have wet hair which makes everything seem freezing). While I have to keep an eye out to make sure I don’t knit everything out of a sky-blue, greens have been slowly sneaking in, much to my joy. Green, and especially that fantastic chartreuse in the second picture, are some of my favorite colors, and I’d be honored to have them represented more in my knitted wardrobe.

Today’s picture is of Notions, and I got the perfect shot:

This is a stitch marker I picked up in Purgatory Chasm while Geocaching. I don’t know who would leave a stitch marker as a trinket to be picked up, but whoever they are, they’re my hero. I keep this one in reserve for special projects that need an extra awesome BOR marker.

And, a teaser of a side project with that Lush I got the other day:

I’m not sure when I’ll get it done because I want to make as much progress on my Unicorn Tides as quickly as possible, but it’s very fun, and a good distraction.

…and that post ended up being a lot shorter than I meant but I’m tired and cold and I want to knit, so I will just have to forgive myself.

Aaaaaand it’s February 3rd, not second.

4 Feb

Somehow I missed that today is the third and I forgot to do a day of photographs! Oh no!

But then I realized that this whole blog is kind of like old FOs, so that sort of counts.

And THEN I had the brilliant idea that I didn’t ever do an End Of The Year Post with pictures of all my FOs from the year, and that seemed like fun.


very long break

Roughly speaking, all my FOs from 2011. There may be a few missing, I am certainly missing some brain cells.


3 Feb

I went on Adventures today, and I didn’t even die! Today has been a really, really good day, both physically and emotionally, and my first one in a long time. It was well deserved. And I may have splurged a little here and there…

First I went to Coveted Yarn in Gloucester (one of my favorite yarn shops) to return some yarn I bought a wee bit too hastily. They were super nice as always, and I was really good and behaved myself and didn’t even look around because I have practically no willpower in that store.

On the way home, since it’s a long drive and far away and such, I decided to stop by Organic Garden in Beverly, i.e. the most delicious restaurant on the planet. They only have vegan, raw, organic food and not only is it the tastiest thing ever, but it makes my body feel super happy and healthy and wonderful. Today I got a Grateful Bowl, which aside from having all of the noms, is an open-priced item. You can pay anywhere from a dollar up, and if you pay any more than the suggested price, the surplus goes to help pay for the next person’s. It’s a really wonderful thing.

Socially conscious food is the best sort of food!

Then I stopped by Butterfly Yarns in Wakefield, since I’d never been to them before. I had a bit of a mini-adventure finding it, but that was my fault, since I did all of this without a GPS and only a glance at a map, and then the sun got in my eyes really bad. But once I was inside they were lovely, and I picked up some Classic Elite Yarns Lush on sale for 40% off in a lovely lilac-y pink-y purpleish that will become smooshy warm fingerless gloves, possibly starting later this evening.

Smooshy angora goodness omnomnom. Also, it's more purple-y than this.

Then I got home and watched SVU and worked on Unicorn Tides, like always. I am making excellent progress and I will finish the body tonight, you hear? I will.

Stripey unicorn goodness!

And, finally, today’s Picture of the Day: Craft Tools.

Today's photo is Super Artsy, to make up for yesterday's Blurry Knitting.

These are my lovely, beautiful, perfect-in-every-way Addi Turbo Clicks. Which definitely do not need the size 10 tips replaced and that is definitely not what I’m going to go out and do right now.

Adieu, Internet Denizens. Adieu.


2 Feb

There’s this great knitting blog out there called Untangling Knots that I like to read, and they’re doing this brilliant thing that looks like this:

Looks like fun, no? I’m gonna forge ahead and join in, partly because of the fun of photography-ing and also partly because I’ve been having a really bad time health-wise, and it’ll get me to post more. They might be mini-posts, but mini-posts are better than no posts! Today, for the You-In-Action, I present you with such:

Me and Unicorn Tides, chumming it up.

Spectacular? No. Blurry knitting? Oui. But you can kinda-sorta see how far I’ve gotten on my Unicorn Tides! That’s the second front, which is about to be done, and then there’s only the back, sleeves and edgings to go! I’m hoping to finish the body today, but I’ll have to see how tired I am.

Also, a bonus picture, elaborating on why I am a terrible person:

My third favorite sweater ❤

I may have cast on another sweater a few days ago. I just can’t seem to help myself! I’ve decided to stop trying to impose rules since they clearly don’t work at all. When I’m done with Unicorn Tides I’ll be casting on something new, probably either Idlewood, Sid, Skelf or Coastal Hoodie (thoughts on which much appreciated!). Y’know why? Because I say so, that’s why. And because when one is having a very hard time both physically and emotionally, one gets to have as many sweaters on the needles as one likes. That’s really why; I’m finding it impossible to say no to myself. But hey, Unicorn Tides is almost done, so that seems like I’m still making progress mostly! As long as I get at least one sweater done a month, I’m gonna go with the flow and just let what happens happen.