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A brief update.

24 Mar

Emily the Spinning Wheel got returned today. While in theory she seemed perfect, I ended up not enjoying spinning on her at all, I wasn’t having any fun and it just didn’t work out. This resulted in my LYS owner being pretty miffed with me, which, while understandable, is still quite awful on my end.

I’ve also decided to put Hunter into hibernation until next fall when it’s weather appropriate. It was kinda stupid to start a superbulky winter pullover when it’s been being 80 degrees out but hey, stuff happens. That’s what hibernation is for 🙂


Vacation, Part Two: A new addition to our lovely household.

22 Mar

Day two of my mini vacation was supposed to be going to the mall, only here’s the thing. My dad and I had already scouted it out on Sunday, and there wasn’t anything I really wanted there. Le gasp, I know, but I guess this season isn’t agreeing with me? In any case, we decided to do something else. And that something else was to buy me a spinning wheel!

Her name is Emily and she’s a Schacht Ladybug. She’s a combination vacation-and-birthday present (I’m turning 21 in April), and she’s just about the best ever. I’m not very good yet–in fact, I’m bad enough that I had to call Mind’s Eye where I bought her to make sure I’m not the worst spinner in the world (I’m not)–but, as they say, practice makes perfect.

My dad also bought me this gorgeous fiber that will be the very first thing I spin up once I’m trusted with real fiber, rather than the scrap roving I got at Mind’s Eye to practice on. Luckily, though, I do have that roving, and I still have a bunch of fiber from my starter bag that came with my first spinning lesson. But eventually. Eventually, I will get to use this. The colorway is Tea, Toast and Cakes and it reminds me of the Mad Hatter’s tea party, don’t you think?

On the downside, due to trying to learn how to spin on a spinning wheel, I now can’t even use my drop spindle anymore. I’m not sure what happened there, but somehow all of the sudden I’m back to square one with that, too. It’s pretty frustrating, but I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. I’m sure eventually I’ll be a pro with both. And in the mean time, I can always admire the little ladybug on Emily 🙂

This has also really inspired me to one day have a craft room. Right now I’m spinning on our boot box which, let me tell you, is far from ideal. It’s really got me dreaming of a place where I can have all my yarn and fiber out on display, a place where my swift and ball winder can always be out, a place where I can spin with impunity. Alas, I think this is for a day far in the future, but in the mean time, a girl can dream.

Yarn Crawl Ahoy!

16 Mar

This weekend there’s the North Shore Yarn Crawl, and Robin and I did it up right. Yesterday I stopped by a few shops and picked up a few things, but today the two of us hit almost all of them and we have oodles of spoils to show for it!

This is Robin and her pile of goodies:

She got some yarn to make a baby sweater (the purple Cherub), yarn to make Adrift (Blue Heron Yarns Bamboo Lace in Daylily), and a skein of Ella Rae Bamboo Silk that was on sale for a couple of bucks. Plus, she found a 50% off copy of No Sheep For You, the perfect book for someone with wool allergies.

Here she is dancing with her yarn:

I also got spoils! Here’s a pile of them:

The books are Scarlet by Kim Hargreaves and a copy of the winter 2011 Knitscene. They’re both super exciting, and I can tell you that Hunter, which apparently isn’t on Ravelry but is a beautiful cable-y goodness pattern from Scarlet, and Nevis Cardigan will both be on my needles soon. I’m gonna do Hunter in the green Lana Grande that had been for owls, and the fact that it’s called Hunter is perfect for such a hunter-y shade of green.

This is some Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran in a wonderful strawberry ice cream, grandmother-y pink that I’ll be knitting a Miette out of. I’ve already made one for Robin for two birthdays and a Christmas (I was being bad and needed to make up for it), and I’m super excited to have my own.

Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in the aptly named colorway Neon Rose. You can’t see you fluorescent it is from this picture (hi, clouds who are obscuring my natural light!), but let me assure you, it lives up to its name. It’ll become socks, probably sooner rather than later.

And this is some gorgeous roving (that has purple on the bottom, really it does, and a bright, strong red that isn’t orange-y at all, plus its very own fluorescent pink) from Mad Color. I am *really* excited to spin this up, but right now I only have one drop spindle, and it’s busy. This will be getting rectified on my birthday, but until then, I think this guy’ll have to wait in the wings.

All in all, a good time! A bit of an exhausting time (it may or may not be nap time now), but a good time all around.

Handspun O’Clock!

28 Feb

Hey guys guess what!! I finished my second skein of handspun yarn today! It had been sitting in a centre pull ball for months and I finally, finally got around to plying it today. I’m so proud of the little bugger 😀

It’s one and a half ounces and about 28 yards. It’s very, very cute. There was a little more than ended up getting plied, but just before the end it knotted itself in a huge knot and the centre bull pall fell apart, so I decided to just call it a day. I couldn’t have lost more than a yard, tops, and I’m okay with that.

Now just to find something I can knit with 28 yards! Or maybe even 40 yards, since my first skein is roughly the same fibers and 12 yards! Hmmm…… 😛

So much to say…

31 Aug

I can’t even begin to figure out an order, so I’ll make one up.

Firstly, my friend Robin and I had spinning lessons with a lovely woman named Ashley, who we met at Webs. The lessons themselves, honestly, were incredibly frustrating until the very, very end, when I made this:

Please ignore the gross, oddly proportioned shot of my leg. Sometimes getting up to find an actual place to photography is too hard >.<

How cool is that?!?! I made yarn! Like, real yarn! A whole 12 yards of over-and-under spun-and-plied yarn! I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, other than maybe hang it on my wall with a placard that says, “Nicole’s First Yarn, Spun On August 29, 2011”. Even though it is about the least perfect yarn ever, I’m super proud of it. Also inspired, because I’ve been continuing to spin. This is what’s on my spindle right now:

It’s totally more than 12 yards, and I’m still going strong. Again, it’s super beginner-y, but that’s to be expected, since I am a beginner. Last night I was practicing my joins, so the last, say, 10 yards are extra beginner-y, but it’s worth it, to get the practice.  I’m really, really excited about this yarn; I think I might actually have enough to knit something with! I’m planning on going until my spindle is full, and I am probably completely deluding myself pretty sure that I can at least get a hat or a cowl out of it. Maybe a mobius strip cowl? I’ve been wanting to make one of those for a while.

Robin had a much better time than I did at the actual lessons because she doesn’t expect to be immediately good at everything she does and if she isn’t she doesn’t throw a hissy fit, and since she’s allergic to wool, she got to spin with things like hand-painted silk:

You can’t quite tell from the picture just how lovely the fiber is, but I promise it’s spectacular. She also got to play with things like seacell and other things I don’t remember, but were much shinier than my BFL (which I love, btw). Here’s her finished skein:

This picture really doesn’t due justice to how beautiful it is, but Robin had to go, and I was holding her up. Her skein is 11 yards, but also more evenly spun, which just goes to show that she’s more patient than me.

But, I really have fallen in love with spinning, and when I went to Webs today for the second day in a row because I am too indecisive and had to exchange my yarn even though what I got the first time was beautiful I got some alpaca top to play with, since I hadn’t gotten any in the kit Ashley made for me.

Turns out, it’s really hard to take a non-blurry picture of roving. But you can still see how pretty the colors are, all fawn-y with a little bit of grey mixed in. I’ll be trying it out later tonight I think, I might get distracted by… => => =>

Valley Yarns Huntington

Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball

I also got these to make a Daybreak like this one that I’ve been eyeing forever. I’m 99% sure I’m going to cast on tonight, but I’ll have to see. Tonight is Boy’s first night staying with us, so I might be occupied with that in a way where I want to work on something I’m already in the middle of, rather than casting on a new project. BUT. But Daybreak needs stitch markers, and these arrived in the mail for me from the uber talented LadyDanio whose name is definitely not LadyDino like I always read it, although dinosaurs are pretty awesome:

Aren’t they cute?? Mini pool ball stitch markers! I couldn’t have picked a better day for them to arrive; between these and the beautiful yarn, I’ll nearly certainly cave and cast on tonight, even though I have a bajillion other things I should be knitting, like the socks I’ve been “working on” for the past forever…

That’s me partway through picking up the stitches for the afterthought heel which I am never ever ever ever EVER doing again because, oh my gosh, it is the most annoying thing ever. But I did finally finish the heel, and I ended up wearing half a sock around the house for maybe a half hour while I got a snack and watched Bones. Taking it on and off takes an awful lot of effort, because the Taiyo I’m knitting them with is a bunch cotton (50% maybe?), so they’re not super stretchy. Once they’re on my foot they fit perfectly, but I’m worried that I’ll rip them eventually, and that would be super sad, given all the work time-and-effort whining I’ve put into them. I may end up gifting them, I’ll have to see. In any case, I have been mightily uninspired to pick these up and get shit done. I have been making myself do at least one pattern repeat before I’m allowed to do things like have a late night snack or spin, which is pretty much the only way I’ve gotten anything done on them.

I also really ought to be casting on Josie with this yarn held double:

I got it in a swap from Kayrun, and as soon as it arrived, I knew that it was going to be turned into something for my cousin Susie, whose husband passed on a few days ago. I knew I wanted to make something for her, and the yarn coming just a few hours after I found out he died was just too serendipitous to ignore. It’s much more raspberry-y than the picture would have you believe, and it’ll make an excellent warm, comforting hat for cold Wisconsin farm winters.

I also reeeeeeeeeeeally ought to be casting on a monster for yet a different swap, but I haven’t been able to decide on which monster and which yarn yet. I’m giving myself until next Monday before I have to drop everything and do it, and knowing me, I’ll put it off until them which is absolutely ridiculous because I love knitting monsters.

But really, I’m pretty sure having too many wonderful knitting and spinning things to do at once is not the worst problem a person could have 🙂

p.s. I totally cleaned my room today. Take that, Procrastination!