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11 Jul

So, I found where they’ve been hiding all of the trees and lakes and fresh air.


I went up with some friends and spent Saturday night in an antique hunting lodge in central Maine, right on a lake. It was the Most Beautiful Ever, and I wish I could have stayed longer, and also slept more. But we managed to cram many-a-thing into our brief stay there, such as:

Wading lead to swimming


Don't come down until you've touched the ceiling!

fooling around in the lake,

A library to rival the one in Beauty and the Beast.


Only instead of normal marshmallows, we were using either melted and then refrigerated vegan marshmallows, or stale mini marshmallows. It was an Adventure.

roasting marshmallows, with what we later found out were chuppah supports,

It was kind of awkward...

cleaning said chuppah supports,

But instead of hunting the elusive white whale, we were in search of the perfect golden marshmallow.

pretending to be spear hunters,

Now with dramatic lighting!


Now with awkward/artsy camera angles!


Now complete with awkward facial expressions!

and after shaving Leah's head,

At a rest stop on the way up.

meeting giant moose,

Plus also blurry.

and generally being silly and having fun.

I did zero knitting whatsoever, but today I’ll be casting on A Nice Ribbed Sock by Glenna C. and/or Devon by Kim Hargreaves. I hope you all had an excellent weekend, and when I see you next, it will be with WIP photos!