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Friday Is Vlog Day!

30 Mar

That’s the first line of the video which somehow got cut out. Anyways, enjoy!


A Real Photoshoot

28 Mar

It’s been grey and rainy all day, except for the five minutes I took to go outside and do a photoshoot! How’s that for God’s love, eh? I may have completely thrown my already-injured back out doing it but hey, one must suffer for excellent knitting photos.

And there you have it! Buttony Sweater it all its gloriousness. So happy ❤


27 Mar

To a beloved member of my family, who is stopping treatment and going home from the hospital today.


I wish I could be you,

Floating in the deep.

With not a care in the world;

Nor a care to keep.


I wish I could be you,

Holding hands with another sort.

I’m just a simple peasant

To your majesty in this court.


I wish I could be you,

Dancing among the stars.

Down here you might be broken, bloodied

But up there you have no scars.


I wish I could be you,

To take your pain away.

I’d gladly die for you,

Or if you’d rather, stay.


I wish I could be you,

Lying in your cold, white hospital bed.

You have so much left to do

And there’s a pounding in my head.


I wish I could be you,

Sent home to be in peace.

You’ve left all those around you

Missing a crucial piece.


I wish I could be you,

Moving beyond, ahead, forward.

I’ve always been a step behind,

Just one lonely chord.


I wish I could be you,

And save your own life with mine.

Nothing would make me happier

Than to share with you one last glass of wine.


I wish I could be you,

Please don’t leave us now.

God must want you by his side;

I know there’s another way, but how…?


Regular content to resume tomorrow (or whenever I’m feeling well enough to do that damned photoshoot).

Sneak Peeks!

26 Mar

I finished Buttony Sweater! It’s dark out so there won’t be a real photoshoot until tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peek:

Love. It. I decided to go with short sleeves for spring, and it’s surprisingly toasty as it is. The buttons are great, even if they took forever to sew on, and the yarn is fantabulously gorgeous. A resounding success.

Pattern: Buttony Sweater by Katie Marcus
Time Span: 19 March to 26 March 2012.
Materials: 3 and a half skeins of Noro Kogarashi
Ravelry link:

A brief update.

24 Mar

Emily the Spinning Wheel got returned today. While in theory she seemed perfect, I ended up not enjoying spinning on her at all, I wasn’t having any fun and it just didn’t work out. This resulted in my LYS owner being pretty miffed with me, which, while understandable, is still quite awful on my end.

I’ve also decided to put Hunter into hibernation until next fall when it’s weather appropriate. It was kinda stupid to start a superbulky winter pullover when it’s been being 80 degrees out but hey, stuff happens. That’s what hibernation is for 🙂

My First Vlog

23 Mar

Hey guys! I made a vlog! It’s a little shaky at the beginning, but then I kinda get the hang of it, mostly.


What do you think? I’m thinking it’s a lot of fun and maybe a once a week sort of a thing? I promise I’ll get better at not being super shaky and also not ridiculous closeups!

Blooper post to follow 😛

Vacation, Part Two: A new addition to our lovely household.

22 Mar

Day two of my mini vacation was supposed to be going to the mall, only here’s the thing. My dad and I had already scouted it out on Sunday, and there wasn’t anything I really wanted there. Le gasp, I know, but I guess this season isn’t agreeing with me? In any case, we decided to do something else. And that something else was to buy me a spinning wheel!

Her name is Emily and she’s a Schacht Ladybug. She’s a combination vacation-and-birthday present (I’m turning 21 in April), and she’s just about the best ever. I’m not very good yet–in fact, I’m bad enough that I had to call Mind’s Eye where I bought her to make sure I’m not the worst spinner in the world (I’m not)–but, as they say, practice makes perfect.

My dad also bought me this gorgeous fiber that will be the very first thing I spin up once I’m trusted with real fiber, rather than the scrap roving I got at Mind’s Eye to practice on. Luckily, though, I do have that roving, and I still have a bunch of fiber from my starter bag that came with my first spinning lesson. But eventually. Eventually, I will get to use this. The colorway is Tea, Toast and Cakes and it reminds me of the Mad Hatter’s tea party, don’t you think?

On the downside, due to trying to learn how to spin on a spinning wheel, I now can’t even use my drop spindle anymore. I’m not sure what happened there, but somehow all of the sudden I’m back to square one with that, too. It’s pretty frustrating, but I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. I’m sure eventually I’ll be a pro with both. And in the mean time, I can always admire the little ladybug on Emily 🙂

This has also really inspired me to one day have a craft room. Right now I’m spinning on our boot box which, let me tell you, is far from ideal. It’s really got me dreaming of a place where I can have all my yarn and fiber out on display, a place where my swift and ball winder can always be out, a place where I can spin with impunity. Alas, I think this is for a day far in the future, but in the mean time, a girl can dream.