About Me

I like stuffed animals. A lot.

But this blog is not about stuffed animals, mostly! It is about knitting. Which I also like. It can even result in stuffed animals, which is sometimes the best sort of knitting.

Also writing, photographing, drawing, and playing piano.

I watch a lot of TV, and I am looking forward to writing about it here, sometimes.

I drink a lot of tea in a tea-snobbish sort of way where I almost always only use loose leaf. Harney and Sons is my current favorite.

There are four cats in my house. One is my parents’ cat: Jenny; one the family cat: Emma; and two are mine: Susie and Walnut. I also have a guinea pig named Katie. Sometimes I have a small number of fish, but it comes and goes.

My favorite word of all time is buttons.

This is what I look like:

One of many, many WIPs.

I often have knitting in my mouth.


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