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A Week of Finishing, Or: Hello, Blogging World!

4 Jul

This week, I am going to Be Productive.

Big words, I know. But I have come to a point with my WIPs where it is no longer reasonable to start anything new ever again, and that is not a place I like to be in. In order to actually finish these things, rather than just talk about how grand it will be when I’m done, I have Formulated a List of Organization, and it is as follows:

Fancy Mitts

First, I am going to finish my Fancy Mitts. Today. I finished the first weeks ago, and have been staring woefully at the size 2s since. I don’t actually mind knitting on them at all, it’s just somehow casting on 48 sts on size 2 dpns is scary difficult obnoxious creates a field of procrastination around the project. Once I actually did the casting on, which was not very hard at all, they’ve been fairly flying along.

A terrible picture for no good reason other than my camera doesn't understand the concept of yellow.


This is Jen. She is a cropped cardigan by one of my favorite designers, Kim Hargreaves. My sister Robin and I decided to do a KAL of her together last month, and while the knitting flewflewflew (done in a week exactly), the finishing has been languishing. This is partly because I had to wait for blocking materials to arrive in the mail, and then because I had to get buttons, but most recently it’s because I don’t have size 3 circulars, so I can’t knit the top edging until I can borrow said sister’s needles. Plus, since we casted on together, we’re also sewing on buttons together. This will be happening tomorrow, so I will have a completed summer-y cardigan in no more than 28 hours!

Only the sleeve got photographed because it is the sleeve's fault I haven't finished yet (sort of).

Billie's Cursed Sleeve

Billie. Billie, Billie, Billie, Billie, Billie. Even though it’s so much fun to blame you for my current predicament, it is actually entirely my fault. I got a gift certificate to Webs for my birthday at the end of April, and one of the big purchases I made was to get yarn for Billie. I ended up with 25 skeins of Valley Yarns Sugarloaf in BRIGHT IN YOUR FACE ORANGE (this didn’t translate well to picture sad face), which was how much I needed.

Or so I thought.

While I did loose a skein or two on the train, even if I hadn’t I would still have been short. This wouldn’t have been that big a deal, since I got the yarn on sale for $2 a ball, but it’s discontinued, and during the month it took me to knit the rest of the cardigan (it is a big cardigan, I swear), they sold out. I’ve been begging on Ravelry with varying results, but it’s been a sad, depressing process, and I still don’t have enough yarn to finish.

But, as you can see from the picture, I do have another ball. So. I will knit what I have, and then go from there. I’m thinking my next step is to bring the whole thing to Webs and try to find yarn close enough to finish the shoulder. I will have this done by Wednesday, since I’m hoping to get out to Northampton then anyways to get yarn for my next sweater.

Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarf. Miles of scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarf.

Hufflepuff Scarf

This is my “Winter Hufflepuff Scarf”, name in quotations because it is July and I haven’t finished it yet. Miles of stockinette tubing on size 13s can wear on your hands. Plus, it got to be big enough that it was no longer portable. However, I suppoooooooooose if I’m finishing all my other WIPs, I should get to this one, especially since I am so almost done it’s not even funny. If you’ll note, there is a teeny tiny bit of yellow left before starting the next ball. My plan is to knit until I’m done with that, then CO and add tassels. This will not actually take any time at all if I actually do it. So, I will have this done by Friday.

Pile of sweater!


This is Rose. She started out as an, “Oh hey, I have the perfect yarn for this sweater, so I guess I’ll knit it, and then I’ll have a cosy pullover for lying in bed studying”, only then she turned into the Softest, Bestest Sweater Ever. I’ve been absolutely zooming through her, and I only have one sleeve left before finishing (which includes knitting the back collar but that doesn’t count). Will be done by Sunday.

So there you have it, Knitting World! Projects. They will be conquered. And then I can cast on new things, like my first pair of socks and my next sweater adventure. Remember, friends, if you keep your hands full of yarn, you will be happy.