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Knitting Meetup

6 Jul

A quick note:

The knitting meetup was fantastic. Who knew there are other people out there who want to talk about yarn for an hour and a half straight? Who ask what you’re knitting and tell you what they’re working on? Who compliment the sweater you finished yesterday? Who know what Ravelry and Knitty are? Needless to say, I will be going back next time 🙂

Also, I was told about a yarn shop near by that has a knitting meetup every Saturday All Day. Where people just come in and knit and talk and bring food for the Entire Business Day. I’m going to be in Maine this weekend, but you better believe I’ll be there my next free Saturday. I also plan on heading out tomorrow, because I hear they have an awesome stock.

Plus, I decided I want to finish Rose in time to bring to Maine on Saturday. Crazy? Only a little.


FOs and Blogs and The Real World, Oh My!

6 Jul

Yesterday, I finished two of the WIPs on my list:

Jen Buttoned, and also Fancy Mitts a little bit

Pattern: Jen by Kim Hargreaves
Time Span: 17 June to 5 July 2011 (see previous post for explanation as to why it took me more than a minute to knit this)
Materials: 504 yards of The Sanguine Gryphon Traveller (1.8 balls), and 9 buttons from Iron Horse in Natick
Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/annanlove19/jen

Behold, a Cardigan! I am absolutely in love with it; it can be dressed up or down, worn buttoned or not, plus I just found out that the yarn is superwash, because apparently I pay attention to that sort of thing. There was a bit of an Adventure at the end, where I picked up the 191 stitches for the top ribbing, knit half a row, decided I didn’t like how it looked, ripped it out and redid it, plus I established the ribbing wrong for about 50 stitches and since I didn’t want to rip it out again, I individually dropped each of those stitches down two rows, and now it is perfect. Yes, doing these things turned an hour long project into a three hour long project, but it was worth it.

Jen Unbuttoned

Here she is unbuttoned. I’m a little sad I couldn’t get a decent picture of her with this dress, because they go together beautifully, but such is life. I also didn’t manage a picture of me and my sister wearing our cardigans together, but that’s because by the time I finished sewing the buttons on it was eleven o’clock at night and I wanted to head home before I passed out on her couch, and she was still weaving in her ends, which I totally did too because I would never ever just tie the yarn together a bajillion times and then trim it because that would be super irresponsible which I had finished. Sisterly photo shoot to follow.

I need to take a minute to talk about the yarn. The Sanguine Gryphon caught my eye last summer, specifically their sock yarn Bugga!. At the time, I did not have All of the Money (when do I ever, but still), so I bought a point mutation, instead of the regular. It is some of the most gorgeous yarn I have ever seen in the whole entire world, and I turned it into some cloudy day by tiny owl knits (one of my favorite designers, expect to hear more about her). It was The Best Ever. Since, I have been trying to make excuses to buy more, but hand-dyed yarn is expensive, especially when I have to order it online because it doesn’t come close to home.


Then I realized I could make Jen out of Traveller, and I became Unreasonably Attached to this idea. There were some tears composed conversations, and my mom ended up splitting the cost with me. I do not have words for how beautiful this yarn is. It comes in All of the Colors, and I ended up going with a variegated, summer-y yellow that was exactly right. It is soft and warm and smooshy and superwash, plus I have more than a skein leftover (so did Robin, the yardage for this pattern was off by a bunch in at least two sizes). I know this bothers some knitters, but I’m just excited to have enough to make matching somethings. I absolutely, 100% recommend Traveller, Bugga! and all other Sanguine Gryphon yarns.

They are Fancy O.o

Fancy Mitts

Pattern:  Fishtail wristwarmers by Alexandra Brinck
Time Span: 15 June to 5 July 2011 (stupid second wristwarmer syndrome, plus too many WIPs)
Materials: 183.1 yards of Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham (.84 balls)
Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/annanlove19/fishtail-wristwarmers

I’m going to start by talking about the things I love about these mitts. I love the finished project, I love the yarn, and I love the lace pattern. However. This was not the best written pattern I have ever come across, and was in fact the first I knit that I made the same “mistake” on both gloves that I still don’t know what it is. I have made a bajillion fingerless gloves, and I can do thumb gussets in my sleep. I can also follow lace patterns like a pro (note how there are no mistakes in the body of the gloves). But for whatever reason, the instructions did not line up with my knitting, and in the same way both gloves. If it was just one, I’d take the blame, because of course I am not perfect, but if I came across the same bout of wieuhfawiehfwieuhf both times, then I am inclined to think it’s the pattern, and not me. I ended up kind of just fudging which stitches to put on a holder for the thumb and how many to cast on again, and while it worked, I wish the instructions had been clearer/correct.

Also, I accidentally completely on purpose did one less repeat of the lace pattern after the thumb. I am entirely okay with this, because I wear rings every day and so it’s nice to be able to have toasty, stylish hands and still show them off. And speaking of toasty…This yarn is a 80% alpaca, 20% silk blend I got from Webs in a grab bag, and it is absolutely fantastic. It’s much warmer than I was expecting, but that’s good because I go to college in The Land of the Freezing Winters (Wisconsin), so it’ll be good to have a fancier pair of Warm Hands. Unfortunately, it means I can’t wear them in the 90 degree heat that’s been suffocating Massachusetts the past few weeks. But they are so soft and gorgeous, they’ll give me something to look forward to when I have to get out of bed and drag myself to class when it’s -36 out*.

Obligatory artsy knitting shot

I also have a whole second skein of this left in addition to what I didn’t finish of the first, so expect a matching hat/kerchief soon. I have been itching to knit a kerchief lately, so patterns ahoy! But enough of this self-congratulating business. I have other, non FO-related things to talk about!

Knitting To Stay Sane is the knitting blog that inspired me to make my own knitting blog (and also the creative use of the strikethrough feature, and if she ever reads my blog, I hope she doesn’t think I’m copying her but just inspired), and it is the best ever. I just just just finished reading through all of her posts for the past five years because I am a little crazy, but it was the best. She’s smart and funny and creates beautiful FOs and has a lot of excellent things to say about knitting. She has also made me intensely jealous that I don’t live in Toronto because the knitting community there seems absolutely incredible. Also, reading through all of her old posts has made me realize just how wonderful it is to have Ravelry in my life. I couldn’t survive with out it. ::hugs Ravelry::

But since I have finished reading through All of the Archives, I am in search of New Knitting Blogs. What say you, knitting-blog-reading internet?

As for the Real World, tonight I’ll be going to my very first Knitting Group. I’ve been wanting to join one for ages but I wasn’t quite sure how, and then I was inspired by my Boy to look on MeetUp.com, which was a fantastic idea. I’m a little nervous, but hopefully I’ll make new friends, learn new techniques, and have a few hours a week where I can talk incessantly about knitting without getting weird looks.

And finally, proof that cats can be near/on knitting without obscuring the directions/dismantling the project:

In retrospect, she may have just been plotting her next move. That stare looks awfully intense...

*this actually happens, it’s kind of terrifying and exciting all at once.