3 Feb

I went on Adventures today, and I didn’t even die! Today has been a really, really good day, both physically and emotionally, and my first one in a long time. It was well deserved. And I may have splurged a little here and there…

First I went to Coveted Yarn in Gloucester (one of my favorite yarn shops) to return some yarn I bought a wee bit too hastily. They were super nice as always, and I was really good and behaved myself and didn’t even look around because I have practically no willpower in that store.

On the way home, since it’s a long drive and far away and such, I decided to stop by Organic Garden in Beverly, i.e. the most delicious restaurant on the planet. They only have vegan, raw, organic food and not only is it the tastiest thing ever, but it makes my body feel super happy and healthy and wonderful. Today I got a Grateful Bowl, which aside from having all of the noms, is an open-priced item. You can pay anywhere from a dollar up, and if you pay any more than the suggested price, the surplus goes to help pay for the next person’s. It’s a really wonderful thing.

Socially conscious food is the best sort of food!

Then I stopped by Butterfly Yarns in Wakefield, since I’d never been to them before. I had a bit of a mini-adventure finding it, but that was my fault, since I did all of this without a GPS and only a glance at a map, and then the sun got in my eyes really bad. But once I was inside they were lovely, and I picked up some Classic Elite Yarns Lush on sale for 40% off in a lovely lilac-y pink-y purpleish that will become smooshy warm fingerless gloves, possibly starting later this evening.

Smooshy angora goodness omnomnom. Also, it's more purple-y than this.

Then I got home and watched SVU and worked on Unicorn Tides, like always. I am making excellent progress and I will finish the body tonight, you hear? I will.

Stripey unicorn goodness!

And, finally, today’s Picture of the Day: Craft Tools.

Today's photo is Super Artsy, to make up for yesterday's Blurry Knitting.

These are my lovely, beautiful, perfect-in-every-way Addi Turbo Clicks. Which definitely do not need the size 10 tips replaced and that is definitely not what I’m going to go out and do right now.

Adieu, Internet Denizens. Adieu.


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