2 Feb

There’s this great knitting blog out there called Untangling Knots that I like to read, and they’re doing this brilliant thing that looks like this:

Looks like fun, no? I’m gonna forge ahead and join in, partly because of the fun of photography-ing and also partly because I’ve been having a really bad time health-wise, and it’ll get me to post more. They might be mini-posts, but mini-posts are better than no posts! Today, for the You-In-Action, I present you with such:

Me and Unicorn Tides, chumming it up.

Spectacular? No. Blurry knitting? Oui. But you can kinda-sorta see how far I’ve gotten on my Unicorn Tides! That’s the second front, which is about to be done, and then there’s only the back, sleeves and edgings to go! I’m hoping to finish the body today, but I’ll have to see how tired I am.

Also, a bonus picture, elaborating on why I am a terrible person:

My third favorite sweater ❤

I may have cast on another sweater a few days ago. I just can’t seem to help myself! I’ve decided to stop trying to impose rules since they clearly don’t work at all. When I’m done with Unicorn Tides I’ll be casting on something new, probably either Idlewood, Sid, Skelf or Coastal Hoodie (thoughts on which much appreciated!). Y’know why? Because I say so, that’s why. And because when one is having a very hard time both physically and emotionally, one gets to have as many sweaters on the needles as one likes. That’s really why; I’m finding it impossible to say no to myself. But hey, Unicorn Tides is almost done, so that seems like I’m still making progress mostly! As long as I get at least one sweater done a month, I’m gonna go with the flow and just let what happens happen.


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