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A few things

4 Sep

As a follow up to the chocolate-and-M&M covered twinkie, yesterday I had a peanut butter and jelly chocolate cup for breakfast and lunch, plus also dessert tonight.

It’s really, really big. I swear.

Also, it’s been Daybreak O’Clock!

It is so incredibly pretty, I can’t believe it. I am So. Excited. for this shawl that taking a break to blog is a little painful. I’m trying really hard to have it finished in time to wear on Saturday, the day I go back to college, but we’ll have to see. The rows just keep getting longer and longer and loooooonger………………………………O.o

See? Isn’t it beautiful??? Also, I decided to save the Huntington for socks, and I’m using the Bristol Gallery Buckingham I used for my Fishtail Wristers. It’s much softer, not reasonable for socks, and the shade of grey goes better with the Zauberball, PLUS I can knit a medium instead of a small. All in all, an excellent choice.

In other news, the bunnies are getting much love. In fact, they are on my feet at this very moment. I pretty much only take them off when I leave the house because, y’know, why on earth would I take them off?

In further other news, Boy’s stay here has been wonderful! Here’s some evidence of his existence:

Settlers of Catan, spread out all over the table, where it’s been for about twenty-eight hours, and will most likely stay there for another twenty-eight or so.

And lastly, in Internet News, I have found a new knitting blog I’m a little obsessed with! It’s called Good Enough, and it’s smart and funny and knitter-ly and has pretty pictures and also makes me wish I lived in Edinburgh. Y’all should read it!!


p.s. nearly forgot, but the reason I haven’t been posting swap packages is because they’re all being sent to my college address, where I’m not yet. Expect a big Look At All The Fancy Things I Got In The Mail post on Saturday, or maybe Sunday or Monday, depending on just-getting-back-to-college timing.


And the things, they happen, sometimes.

28 Aug

So it’s been a crazy few days here, with some more even crazier days to come! Hurricane Irene is on her way, and we’ve been doing things like Preparing and Buying Food and Setting Up The Water Pump In Case Of Flooding, plus Boy has come to stay with us for the weekend, which is excellent. He’s asleep right now, but here’s a picture of our shoes next to each other:

Boy is very tall.

So, y’know how sometimes knitting happens? Well, it’s been sort of happening. In between bouts of hurricane prep, there has also been bouts of preparing to go to college, and also a whole lot of swapping (more on that soon). But, I also have been knitting some, like the hopsalots, which are slowly but surely being completed. I was gifted the pattern in a swap (yayayay!! :D), and since it would cost a bajillion dollars to felt at college because hand felting doesn’t exist, they need to be finished before I leave. Here’s the first one being modeled by me with Andrew Zimmern in the background (aka my natural habitat):

But, I’ve also finished the second slipper, and I’m halfway through the first ear:

I may try to felt them tomorrow, but if the power went out mid-felt, that would be bad, so I also might wait. But it would be excellent to have them Monday night when I’m going to visit my friend in Maine overnight, but we’ll have to see. (disjointed thought is disjointed >.<) I’ve also been doing some work on my Outside In socks, but not much:

I keep having other things come in between me and these socks, and it’s starting to make me sad, because somehow I went from OH NO NOT THE SIZE ONES O.o to socks being my comfort thing to knit, and I have been in need of some comfort (or stress relief at any rate). Still, bunny slippers first, then some socks, then knitting a monster for a swap (oh no, not a monster, that’s the worst thing ever to knit :P), then finishing socks. I think.

On a Happy-Swapping-Note, this wonderful bag came for me in the mail today from the fantastic Melanie (hi Melanie!!):

I had wished for a notions case and was given a choice between blue/grey and turquoise and lime, and I just had to go with the bright and cheerful colors. Little did I know I’d be getting a Vera Bradley case!! It’s so beautiful and bright and cheery and is actually big enough to hold my things, rather than the glasses case I had been using. Plus, I get to reclaim my glasses case and actually use it for my glasses. But not only did Melanie send me the one I had decided on, she also sent the blue/grey one because she is an absolute sweetheart. It was gorgeous and felted, but I only needed one, so I sent it along to someone else in need of cheering up, along with some Tension Tamer tea.

See see see?? Bright and cheery! And it holds everything, with room to spare!! It’s absolutely what I needed, down to a T. I love it 🙂

But, alas, swapping is not all fun and games. Well, it is, but sometimes it can be a stressful game instead of an entirely fun one. There’s one swap in particular I’ve been holding up for quite some time now; I keep offering things that nobody wants and switching it out and offering something else that nobody wants and switching it out…I know it’s just a matter of the right yarn at the right time (which is possibly not in the middle of a hurricane), but it’s still a little stressful. I will keep y’all updated as it progresses, because I just know that someday soon somebody will want some yarn I have.


And here comes to an end perhaps the most disjointed, poorly written, whine-y blog post yet! Note to self: no more blogging at one-thirty in the morning.