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Caching and Llamas

28 Apr

And vlogs, of course!


Here are the promised pictures:


Nature ^^

Maybe it's just cause I watched Candyman the other night, but I found the juxtaposition of graffiti and nature particularly interesting today.

This is my daddy! I loves him lots ❤

More nature! ^^



26 Apr

So, sometimes my knitting mojo escapes me. It just wanders off, leaving me with a lot of half-done projects and no inspiration to finish, or even work on, anything. It strikes the worst when I have too many big projects, like afghans and sweaters, and I’m not close to finishing any of them. Then it just feels like nothing is ever going to get done ever, and there’s no point in working on anything.


So today I went yarn shopping.

And now everything is better! I’m going to make fingerless gloves because I used to have a ton of pairs but somehow they all disappeared. Making fingerless gloves was at least 90% of why I learned to knit in the first place, and it kills me that I only have a few pairs left that I know where they are. And at least one of them is in duress; I should be able to fix it, if only the yarn I knit it with wanders back to me.

Anyways, this is what I got:

Sublime Luxurious Woolly Merino

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted

Queensland Collection Haze

I am really, really excited for these. Expect an FO post in the near future 😀

Piano Times

24 Apr

Hey guys! Did you know I can play piano? Well I can! I’ve even been playing since I was two! And then a friend of mine uploaded a video of her singing and playing piano onto YouTube and I thought, hey! I can do those things! This will totally work!



First off, Garage Band is confusing, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I ended up doing all of this in Photo Booth because I know how it works, and that at least was simpler, and as far as I can tell, there was no loss in quality. But oh, my friends, the quality. The quality was not good. Especially when the notes got loud. And, y’know, notes tend to get loud.

Also, it’s really hard to play piano, look at the camera, sing the right notes, turn the pages and not forget to not play too loudly at the same time. Which is how I got from this:

happy, in-the-zone face...

To this:

throwing sheet music in the air...

And finally to this:

angry, scary face.

When all I wanted was a pretty picture of me playing piano, like this:

Only, see, by picture I really mean video. I tried, friends and neighbours. I tried so hard to get a video of me playing a whole song. But it just would. not. cooperate. even a little bit. This was the first semi-decent thing to happen:


But the thing is, the intro was wrong. Even though I wanted it to be right. But the rest of the video was good, so I’m still putting it up for your enjoyment/criticism. Here’s a better video of me playing the intro actually correctly (dada!):


So there you have it.

Actually, wait, isn’t this a knitting blog? Whoops. Um. Let’s see. I’ve been working a little bit on Frankie’s front and I’m almost at pocket placement, I’ve finish the sleeve of Snuggleupagus (have I said that already? I think I have. Oh well). I’m almost ready to start working on squares again. And I promise a real update on all things knitterly no later than Vlog Friday.

Outside Times.

20 Apr

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this week; I’ve been going through a really rough time and it just didn’t lend itself well to blogging. I was going to do Vlog Day early yesterday, only yesterday was the worst of all the bad days, so that didn’t happen. But things are looking up, it’s beautiful outside, and I’m actually posting! Hooray!

Also, I noticed while rewatching this video that I keep rubbing my nose a lot. Happy allergy season, friends! The perils of doing a vlog outside.


By the way, I remembered my other warm weather yarn from that grab bag! I got some Classic Elite Premiere, which is 50% cotton and 50% tencel, in a fabulous chartreuse color I can’t wait to show off. I’ve also got some Sublime Organic Cotton from a previous grab bag that I’ll hopefully get to use sometime this summer. It wants to be a Lauriel, but there are a lot of other things higher up on my queue, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to it. And there you have it, just in case you were wondering about the innermost details of my stash and couldn’t sleep until I remembered absolutely everything 😛


15 Apr



ETA: for some reason when I uploaded this from my phone it was password protected. Oopsies. Everything is better now.

The Importance of Being Mitered

13 Apr

Sorry if I look or sound a bit sick; I’ve had a rough few days, but I didn’t want to miss Vlog Friday! And I’m fine, really. Just takin’ it easy and knittin’ up those squares and watchin’ those crime shows.

ETA: The video wasn’t working because of stupidity, but it’s up for reals now! Sorry about that, folks!


10 Apr

I’ve got this thing down to a science, you guys. During the day I knit about three squares, putting them up to block as I go. The next morning when they’re dry I take them downstairs and weave in all the ends, to keep on top of things. Then it’s back to knitting squares! It’s a simple science, but a productive and useful one nevertheless. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’m also writing down every combination I do so I make sure not to repeat anything. And I’m keeping two separate bags of yarn, so when I finish one square, I can put the cakes I’ve used into the “done” bag, and take out two new ones from the “new” bag. This way I use each color evenly. Writing everything down helps with that, too.

I’ve gotten all my colors too, finally! I’m still waiting for some to arrive in the mail because–get this–my aunts and uncles are participating as well, so I have squares coming from Texas, Washington and Maryland. Pretty excellent, yeah? And one of my aunts got excited and gifted me three colors, even though I literally only needed one left, so I get to pick from the ones she’s sending and then have some leftover Malabrigo stash. Or maybe I’ll just incorporate all three into the blanket and have some leftover yarn.

Speaking of leftover yarn…I’m assuming that I won’t finish every single cake completely, and so I’ve decided to make a matching scarf to go along with the blanket out of the leftovers. It’ll be awesome.

Other exciting blanket-related things:

–I love how the decreases are coming out, to make the diagonal line across the squares. When you lay them all out like I did up there it looks like quilting, and that is really, really exciting and awesome.

–I’m getting out three squares a day, so assuming I keep up this pace, it’s going to take me a total of 26.6 days to finish the knitting. That’s pretty excellent, no? I was assuming it would take way, way longer, but no! Of course then I have the seaming and the weaving in of the seaming ends and then the border, but still.

–I’m going to do the border in the colorway Paris Nights, which is a beautiful almost-black-but-still-blueish-purpleish, only I have no idea how many I’ll need, so when I’m done with the blanket, I’m gonna bring the thing to Webs and get their help estimating. I’m very exciting for this part, except for the fact that I’m pretty sure the border involves picking up stitches around the whole thing and knitting them in garter stitch for however wide I want the border to be. That’s what the pattern calls for, at any rate, but it has yet to be seen if I have the patience for that or if I’ll just knit long strips and then sew those on.

And that’s how that’s going! Here’s a picture of my kitties enjoying the blanket:

So even though they’re cats and thusly didn’t contribute yarn to it, I still have their love all over the thing 🙂 Not to mention any cat hairs I’ve inadvertently knitted into it!