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Frog O’Clock

14 Mar

So y’know the Owls? They are no more.

The thing is that I was knitting super bulky yarn on size 11s. I knew that I didn’t like the fabric, I swear I did, but I kept going anyways because I’m an idiot. So now it’s Frog O’Clock, but–and I’m trying to think of it this way–it’s also Finding A Pattern O’Clock, and that’s pretty exciting.

But still.




Weekend Knits

7 Jan

Today was a day of knitting, mostly. First it was a day of trying to fix this:

Sad Fancy Mitts 😦

I ended up just reknitting the thumb, which was annoying and boring but possible, and now I have happy Fancy Mitts again:

All's good! It always is with Taylor Swift in the background.

I learned a few things from this. That part of the thumb of fingerless gloves is prone to wearing, it’s not thaaaaat hard to reknit a thumb, and everything is less odious when watching the Speak Now concert DVD.

So then, then I decided to cast on Snapdragon Flip-Tops, which seemed like a fun and challenging but completely doable project, and I decided to do it in this yarn, which was bought for this express purpose. Only then it turned out using a single-ply wasn’t the best idea, and it was a little dark, and a little fuzzy, and the pattern (which was difficult enough to want to be able to easily show off proudly) wasn’t quite showing up as well as I’d like. Plus then it turned out I made a mistake somewhere here:

Somewhere, there is a mistake. Somewhere.

I ended up frogging them, and casting on my Lilac Mocha, which was a spectacular idea. I’m using Louet Riverstone in Lilac and Sachet that I got for 50% off from Stitch House Dorchester, and they are so pretty together and the perfect amount of wooly but not scratchy:

Omnomnom yarn 😀

And then I wound them with my fancy new swift and ball winder I got for Christmas:

Artsy yarn balling shot! Yay!!

And then there was casting on and now I am taking a quick break to display the loveliness:

I'm this far! (*holds arms apart that wide*)

I’m going to do a bunch more work on it tonight, but I wanted to get a post up before it got too late. It was a bit hard to get a color-accurate picture, so here’s another one:

A bit lighter than this, a bit darker than the other.

I’m going to get as much work as possible done on this over the weekend, but given the need to fix my Fancy Mitts and the failed Snapdragon attempt, depending on where I’m at by Monday, I’ll probably just keep going until it’s done. I know, I know, I’m already breaking rules, but I am in desperate need of easy, super cute stockinette. There’s nothing quite like stockinette as a cure for the anxieties!