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Frog O’Clock

14 Mar

So y’know the Owls? They are no more.

The thing is that I was knitting super bulky yarn on size 11s. I knew that I didn’t like the fabric, I swear I did, but I kept going anyways because I’m an idiot. So now it’s Frog O’Clock, but–and I’m trying to think of it this way–it’s also Finding A Pattern O’Clock, and that’s pretty exciting.

But still.





25 Feb


I am excited. Sleeves, then it’s Owls-O’Clock!

Also, I promise I have boobs and am not just all ginormous belly; getting a decent picture was proving impossible >.<

Could it be?

22 Feb

I have a new sweater project (yes, yes, another one, I know) to get my Knitting Mojo back. It was picked for its ease and speed and adorableness, and while I can’t wait to show you real action shots, right now it’s dark and my camera is far away. But I will give you some hints!

It is this color:

And has 19 of these on it:

Could…could it really be?

Yes! Yes it is!

In roughly no time at all, I will have myself my very own one of these:

I am really, really excited.

p.s. For those of you who don’t know, that right there is Kate Davies’ Owls. And it is awesome.