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Things I’ve Been Doing

7 Aug

It’s been a Busy While! I spent two weekends in the Berkshires with my extended family (and brought Boy for show and tell), saw The Decemberists live, and have been writing a bunch. There wasn’t a lot of knitting at all, until yesterday and today when I finished my first sock! Have some pictures of everything:

Baldwin posing as we drive into New York, almost at our family's place.

Baldwin and the beautiful view from the porch.

Boy taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

Baldwin at the Decemberists show while I was too excited to take a decent picture.

One of the better pictures of Colin Meloy I took at the show (still amazed they let me bring my camera in! :D).

It's a sock!

More detailed post to follow; I’m still getting over my concussion, and awakeness and energy have been hard to come by. But I have not forgotten you, Blogging World, and one day soon I shall return with a vengeance.