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I’m baaaaack!

21 Jan

So I wasn’t allowed to do any knitting while I was away, but I still have oodles of things to show you, mostly-all of which I am super excited about.

Irresponsibility at its finest.

Meet Kenobi. I’m knitting it out of a lovely burgundy color of Valley Yarns Northampton that I originally got to make Tinder by Jared Flood but got repurposed. Kenobi just looks so warm and cosy and the perfect thing to snuggle up in at night. It’ll take a bit, I imagine, but it’ll be worth it. The caption is because it may or may not be the third sweater I have on needles after expressly promising myself only two at once.

Speaking of…

Not quite as exciting.

Meet Cria. I started this as a KAL with Robin, only she’s already finished hers and I’m not even done with the yoke yet. These rows are just killing me; they get up to 300-something before dividing for the sleeves, and I haven’t been able to get past it. Which is silly, because the yarn is Henry’s Attic Prime Alpaca, which is the softest, loveliest, drape-y-iest stuff ever, and it’ll be so great when it’s done. Which may or may not be never.

But on a lighter note…


Meet Snuggleupagus! It’s a Central Park Hoodie knit out of Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Brush, which is sooooooooooo soft and smooshy it’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve already got the back done, and I’m partway through the first sleeve. I really, really want to finish this, I just keep getting distracted. Which is really, really easy. Because knitting is the best and I want to knit ALL THE THINGS. Like Lilac Mocha (no more pictures, I promise).

And also…

Swatch o'clock!

Meet Unicorn Tides! It’s made out of the Unicorn Parade colorway of Lorna’s Laces Honor, which results in super soft and drape-y fabric, especially when knit a size up. The swatch you see is on 6s, which was way off gauge, but I got it perfectish on 7s, as long as I block it. Which I will, so it’s fine. And since it’s supposed to be drape-y and also with negative ease, so if I’m off by half a stitch, I can always block it out and have a snug fit, which is perfect! The only reason I’m allowed to do this is because that week I was away was kind of awful and scary, so this is my reward. I’m going to cast on for real now 😀

Oh, but real quick…

Bright and shiny!

I got a skein of Shibui Sock in Sky, just for funsies. I’m gonna go back and get a second skein to make probably gloves but maybe socks. Or I’ll just keep the one I have and make fingerless gloves or some such thing.

And now, casting on ho!