Outside Times.

20 Apr

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this week; I’ve been going through a really rough time and it just didn’t lend itself well to blogging. I was going to do Vlog Day early yesterday, only yesterday was the worst of all the bad days, so that didn’t happen. But things are looking up, it’s beautiful outside, and I’m actually posting! Hooray!

Also, I noticed while rewatching this video that I keep rubbing my nose a lot. Happy allergy season, friends! The perils of doing a vlog outside.


By the way, I remembered my other warm weather yarn from that grab bag! I got some Classic Elite Premiere, which is 50% cotton and 50% tencel, in a fabulous chartreuse color I can’t wait to show off. I’ve also got some Sublime Organic Cotton from a previous grab bag that I’ll hopefully get to use sometime this summer. It wants to be a Lauriel, but there are a lot of other things higher up on my queue, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to it. And there you have it, just in case you were wondering about the innermost details of my stash and couldn’t sleep until I remembered absolutely everything 😛



15 Apr



ETA: for some reason when I uploaded this from my phone it was password protected. Oopsies. Everything is better now.

The Importance of Being Mitered

13 Apr

Sorry if I look or sound a bit sick; I’ve had a rough few days, but I didn’t want to miss Vlog Friday! And I’m fine, really. Just takin’ it easy and knittin’ up those squares and watchin’ those crime shows.

ETA: The video wasn’t working because of stupidity, but it’s up for reals now! Sorry about that, folks!


10 Apr

I’ve got this thing down to a science, you guys. During the day I knit about three squares, putting them up to block as I go. The next morning when they’re dry I take them downstairs and weave in all the ends, to keep on top of things. Then it’s back to knitting squares! It’s a simple science, but a productive and useful one nevertheless. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’m also writing down every combination I do so I make sure not to repeat anything. And I’m keeping two separate bags of yarn, so when I finish one square, I can put the cakes I’ve used into the “done” bag, and take out two new ones from the “new” bag. This way I use each color evenly. Writing everything down helps with that, too.

I’ve gotten all my colors too, finally! I’m still waiting for some to arrive in the mail because–get this–my aunts and uncles are participating as well, so I have squares coming from Texas, Washington and Maryland. Pretty excellent, yeah? And one of my aunts got excited and gifted me three colors, even though I literally only needed one left, so I get to pick from the ones she’s sending and then have some leftover Malabrigo stash. Or maybe I’ll just incorporate all three into the blanket and have some leftover yarn.

Speaking of leftover yarn…I’m assuming that I won’t finish every single cake completely, and so I’ve decided to make a matching scarf to go along with the blanket out of the leftovers. It’ll be awesome.

Other exciting blanket-related things:

–I love how the decreases are coming out, to make the diagonal line across the squares. When you lay them all out like I did up there it looks like quilting, and that is really, really exciting and awesome.

–I’m getting out three squares a day, so assuming I keep up this pace, it’s going to take me a total of 26.6 days to finish the knitting. That’s pretty excellent, no? I was assuming it would take way, way longer, but no! Of course then I have the seaming and the weaving in of the seaming ends and then the border, but still.

–I’m going to do the border in the colorway Paris Nights, which is a beautiful almost-black-but-still-blueish-purpleish, only I have no idea how many I’ll need, so when I’m done with the blanket, I’m gonna bring the thing to Webs and get their help estimating. I’m very exciting for this part, except for the fact that I’m pretty sure the border involves picking up stitches around the whole thing and knitting them in garter stitch for however wide I want the border to be. That’s what the pattern calls for, at any rate, but it has yet to be seen if I have the patience for that or if I’ll just knit long strips and then sew those on.

And that’s how that’s going! Here’s a picture of my kitties enjoying the blanket:

So even though they’re cats and thusly didn’t contribute yarn to it, I still have their love all over the thing 🙂 Not to mention any cat hairs I’ve inadvertently knitted into it!

Why I’ll Never Be Productive Ever Again.

6 Apr

Told in vlog form!

It’s Afghan O’Clock

5 Apr

I thought you should know. I’m excited.


Regularly scheduled vlog to be posted tomorrow.

Dyeing Class

1 Apr

On Saturday I took a class in yarn dyeing! It was so much fun, the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and I came out of it with beautiful yarn (and crappy garage pictures)!

First we did some test dyeing on little skeins of Pastaza, 220, Mind’s Eye’s sock yarn and silk hankies:

This was the test skein for my big guy. I learned important things, like the need to wash hands in between handling the blue dye and the yellow dye if you don't want to leave handprints all over everything.

Apparently I got a little carried away with the blues and purples...>.>

As much as I love blue and orange together, I am not a fan of the gross muddy brown in between the two. Ah well.

The silk hankie was really fun!! I just splotched all over it with oranges and yellow, but then it all blended together, plus someone didn't wrap their blues enough and it bled onto it. Still super pretty though!!

This is my big guy! He's a 250 gram skein of Berkshire from Valley Yarns (i.e. Webs) and he's a rainbow!! He ended up a little tangled, but I think he's fine.

This is his other, very poorly lit side. It's beautiful, but I guess you'll just have to trust me until he's done drying and gets properly hanked up again.

I’d really like to get into dyeing more long-term, but the chemicals are just So. Toxic. and we have things like cats who don’t understand “You need to put on a breathing mask if you want to be in the kitchen”. So I think for now it’s going to be a one-time occurrence, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for ways/times to do this in the future 🙂