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An apology

2 Oct

There is a chance, if you happened by at the wrong time, you would have come across a link. That link would have taken you to a Google Doc containing a very explicit Harry/Draco slash scene from a Harry Potter fanfiction I’ve been working on. It’s a very, very long, EXTREMELY annoying story why, but I had to briefly use this blog as a way-point for people trying to get from my account to the Google Doc. It has been remedied, and I apologize for blindsighting anyone here. I was a bit frantic.


And, if you did find your way over to the Google Doc and got interested, here’s a link to the real story: Ostriches.



27 Mar

To a beloved member of my family, who is stopping treatment and going home from the hospital today.


I wish I could be you,

Floating in the deep.

With not a care in the world;

Nor a care to keep.


I wish I could be you,

Holding hands with another sort.

I’m just a simple peasant

To your majesty in this court.


I wish I could be you,

Dancing among the stars.

Down here you might be broken, bloodied

But up there you have no scars.


I wish I could be you,

To take your pain away.

I’d gladly die for you,

Or if you’d rather, stay.


I wish I could be you,

Lying in your cold, white hospital bed.

You have so much left to do

And there’s a pounding in my head.


I wish I could be you,

Sent home to be in peace.

You’ve left all those around you

Missing a crucial piece.


I wish I could be you,

Moving beyond, ahead, forward.

I’ve always been a step behind,

Just one lonely chord.


I wish I could be you,

And save your own life with mine.

Nothing would make me happier

Than to share with you one last glass of wine.


I wish I could be you,

Please don’t leave us now.

God must want you by his side;

I know there’s another way, but how…?


Regular content to resume tomorrow (or whenever I’m feeling well enough to do that damned photoshoot).