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FO: Billie!! At last!!!!

11 May

But first, let me introduce you to Lindsay David:

He is a Worrible and I got him for my birthday. He’s the most squishable, cuddly, anti-anxiety guy out there, and he’s my new best friend. I thought you should know.

Anyways, Billie is finally done! I’m wearing it right now and it is warm and cosy (except for the cuffs that are still slightly damp, but poo on those). I took oodles of pictures for your entertainment and amusement:

Billie is A Lot Of Sweater, especially in the bright orange I picked. I am quite okay with this, I just expect to get a lot of Looks when I wear it out and about. Also you can hardly see the bit of wrong orange on the one shoulder, which is excellent. All’s well that ends well! Plus I learned from my LYS how to sew seams together the Right Way, which is pretty exciting.

Pattern: Billie by Kim Hargreaves
Time Span: 16 May 2011 to 10 May 2012.
Materials: 25~ skeins of Valley Yarns Sugarloaf and a little bit of Fibranatura Sensational
Ravelry link:

Other stuff’s been going on too! I got the last of the Dawn I’ll need for my Rumble, so now I just need to decide on the second color and slowly stock up on that, too. It only takes four skeins, which isn’t too bad, but they’re still $20 each.

I also got a skein of Cascade 220 Superwash to make worsted weight socks because, y’know, worsted weight socks. It’s a lovely marigold that doesn’t really show up here:

A few days ago I did a Bad Thing and cast on Anisette with my Ella Rae Latte. It’s super soft and silky and shiny and wonderful, and the pattern is a good amount of interesting-but-not-too-boring-and-not-too-complicated. Here’s a really shitty picture of my progress so far (please note the donut stitch markers):

And that, my friends, is it! I know it’s Friday and this isn’t a vlog, but this post lended itself better to being written out. Expect a vlog update sometime this weekend.


A Real Photoshoot

28 Mar

It’s been grey and rainy all day, except for the five minutes I took to go outside and do a photoshoot! How’s that for God’s love, eh? I may have completely thrown my already-injured back out doing it but hey, one must suffer for excellent knitting photos.

And there you have it! Buttony Sweater it all its gloriousness. So happy ❤

Sneak Peeks!

26 Mar

I finished Buttony Sweater! It’s dark out so there won’t be a real photoshoot until tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peek:

Love. It. I decided to go with short sleeves for spring, and it’s surprisingly toasty as it is. The buttons are great, even if they took forever to sew on, and the yarn is fantabulously gorgeous. A resounding success.

Pattern: Buttony Sweater by Katie Marcus
Time Span: 19 March to 26 March 2012.
Materials: 3 and a half skeins of Noro Kogarashi
Ravelry link:

FO: It’s Not Cheating If It’s This Cute! (3/12)

9 Mar

And now, a real FO post!

I had a lot of fun knitting this guy. For the longest time it was my in-my-purse, on-the-go knitting, but when I got home from the hospital on Tuesday, it jumped out and me and screamed, “Knit me! Pick me!” and so I did.

Once I actually picked it up and worked on it, the whole body and the sleeves took about two days. I had already done all of the yoke during long car rides and doctor’s appointments, so that was taken care of. Also, please pretend I’m smiling in this picture 🙂

I borrowed my neighbor’s tree to take good pictures, because it’s that super awkward time of year where there’s no picturesque snow and no picturesque grass and no picturesque flowers, so you gotta take what you can get. Also, the sun was kind of in my eyes.

I did a little bit of waist shaping even though I hadn’t originally planned on doing any thanks to an article in an old issue of Knitscene about how waist shaping always makes a garment look better, even if it’s oversized (not that mine is) or you’re not going for a super fitted look. I think it worked out really well, and the fit is pretty much perfect.

Even though the yarn is 100% merino, I decided to go for short sleeves so I can wear it in the spring and fall, if not the very middle of summer. Besides, they look super cute and, ahem, cut the knitting time down a whole bunch. But the number one reason I did short sleeves is aesthetics, so the timing was just an added bonus 😛

Also, that’s how much extra yarn I had at the end. Er, well, I have another ball of each, but I was so close to done and I really didn’t want to have to break into the new ones, and so I pushed the hell out of what I had an it worked. Apple logo included for perspective.

Pattern: My Favorite Sweater by Fancy Tiger Crafts
Time Span: 28 January to 8 March
Materials: 3 skeins each of Valley Yarns Amherst in Lake and Powder Pink
Ravelry link:

Sneak Peeks

8 Mar

I finished a sweater tonight!! But it’s dark and I can’t get decent pictures, but I do have some sneak peeks for y’all tonight.

Real FO post tomorrow!

FO: New England Fog; WIPs: Mysteries!

17 Feb

So first, this happened:

That’s what happens when you forget the palm-side of a glove is supposed to be stockinette instead of rib and you don’t want to rip the whole thing out because you’ve already completed two and a half repeats of the cable pattern (14 rows each) and you’re at the thumb gusset, so you decide to drop back each of the purl stitches and bring them back up knitwise. To be fair, it only took an hour, which isn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, but still. Added a day to a project that was already taking too long.

But lo! Then they were complete.

Me and my glove ❤

That lovely photo was actually taken with my phone, because my camera’s battery died. I’m obscenely happy with it.

Showing off our cable-y goodness at the piano...

Letting our love for Adele be known...

Playing a bit of Someone Like You...

Having a morning cup of lemonade...

And bringing peace to the world through crappy webcam photos because my camera apparently doesn't believe in peace. Ignore the crazy eyes.

Pattern: Vancouver Fog by Jen Balfour
Time Span: 3 February to 12 February 2012
Materials: Classic Elite Lush that I got on sale from Butterfly Yarns in Wakefield for only eleven dollars for two skeins!
Ravelry link:

Also, other knitterly things have been going on! But they’re not really in a state to be shown off, so have some Mystery Photos:

Mystery #1

Mystery #2

And as for February Photos…I’ve been busy having a CFS flareup and also a cold, and so I’ve kind of given up on them. Alas, ’twas fun while it lasted.

FO: Unicorn Tides (2/12)

9 Feb

Unicorn Tides, it is complete!

I couldn’t be happier. The sleeves are much puffier than I was expecting, which is a huge plus. The buttons are perfect. It looks great on me. Wearing it makes me feel like a pixie. A resounding success 😀

Pattern: Tidal by Cecily Glowick Macdonald
Time Span: 22 January to 8 February
Materials: 2.55 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Honor in Unicorn Parade
Ravelry link: