Piano Times

24 Apr

Hey guys! Did you know I can play piano? Well I can! I’ve even been playing since I was two! And then a friend of mine uploaded a video of her singing and playing piano onto YouTube and I thought, hey! I can do those things! This will totally work!



First off, Garage Band is confusing, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I ended up doing all of this in Photo Booth because I know how it works, and that at least was simpler, and as far as I can tell, there was no loss in quality. But oh, my friends, the quality. The quality was not good. Especially when the notes got loud. And, y’know, notes tend to get loud.

Also, it’s really hard to play piano, look at the camera, sing the right notes, turn the pages and not forget to not play too loudly at the same time. Which is how I got from this:

happy, in-the-zone face...

To this:

throwing sheet music in the air...

And finally to this:

angry, scary face.

When all I wanted was a pretty picture of me playing piano, like this:

Only, see, by picture I really mean video. I tried, friends and neighbours. I tried so hard to get a video of me playing a whole song. But it just would. not. cooperate. even a little bit. This was the first semi-decent thing to happen:


But the thing is, the intro was wrong. Even though I wanted it to be right. But the rest of the video was good, so I’m still putting it up for your enjoyment/criticism. Here’s a better video of me playing the intro actually correctly (dada!):


So there you have it.

Actually, wait, isn’t this a knitting blog? Whoops. Um. Let’s see. I’ve been working a little bit on Frankie’s front and I’m almost at pocket placement, I’ve finish the sleeve of Snuggleupagus (have I said that already? I think I have. Oh well). I’m almost ready to start working on squares again. And I promise a real update on all things knitterly no later than Vlog Friday.


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