Vacationing at Webs

19 Mar


Due to a rather long and complicated story, my dad and I took a vacation at Webs today (and the mall tomorrow)! I got a lot of yummies that I need to show off to y’all (plus some cute pictures of my kitties at the end, because cute kitties are cute).

Juniper Moon Farm Sabine

Actually, I guess we’ll start with cute pictures of kitties! That’s Susie, hanging out with my Juniper Moon Farm Sabine. It’s going to be a ShilShole, also known as my first colorwork sweater! Very exciting. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll have time to cast on, but since it’s in a nice, summer-y yarn, hopefully pretty soon.

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK Single-ply

This is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK Single-ply in the wonderfully named Betty Draper’s Blue’s, and it’s gonna be a Frankie. Robin knit one a while ago that turned out just so incredibly cute, and I’ve been jealous ever since. She wears hers all the time, so I’m sure mine will be a big hit. Here’s a picture of her wearing hers (not taken by me or modeled by me or having anything to do with me other than me stealing it from her Ravelry):

See? So cute. Must have.

Noro Kogarashi

This is some sale Noro I picked up to make a Buttony Sweater, hopefully by Friday. I know that sounds a little delusional, but it’s only 500 yards, and I’m a pretty fast knitter when I set my mind to it. Cross your fingers for me, ‘kay?

Cascade Soft Spun

Cascade on sale is always a good thing, no? This is going to be a Weasley Sweater, and will be cast on as soon as I’m done with Buttony Sweater, and maybe one other, if I’m feeling productive. I’ve wanted one for ages, and this yarn was right on gauge and really cheap and came in ALL THE COLORS so I could pick the perfect Nicole colors–bright orange and bright blue. I am very, very excited.

I also got an undyed skein of Valley Yarns Berkshire for a dyeing class I’m taking later this month. Photos on that to be posted post-dye!

And here are the promised pictures of my kitties:



These are from the first day it was warm enough to have the windows open. The kitties were very happy 🙂


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