28 Feb

I have been remiss in posting new yarny additions to my house! Let’s remedy that.

This is a skein of Debbie Bliss Andes that my daddy bought for me at Iron Horse in Natick. It was 30% off, and they had a whole basket full, only being broke sucks, and my dad had just bought me a bunch of yarn (see below), so I just got the one skein. But that’s totally cool, since this is one of my favoritest yarns ever, and I’m sure something spectacular will come out of it. I have two more in two different colorways, so I’m thinking fair isle fingerless gloves or a hat or cowl or something? No immediate plans, other than constantly petting it.

This, my friends, oh this–this is Power Girl Worsted by KnittinK, a local indie dyer. My dad got this for me at Gather Here’s first birthday, where they had a bunch of indie sellers selling wonderful things. It’s just as bright as it seems, and the yellow parts even glow under blacklight (!!!). I haven’t decided what to do with it yet because it’s so awesome, to the point of casting on two separate times and then frogging because it wasn’t perfect. But someday the perfect pattern will appear, and then I will have the coolest yarny thing ever!

This is an orphaned skein of Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky. It also came from Gather Here, and it was going to be my Owls sweater, only once I got it home, wound up a skein and did a gauge swatch, I was coming out a little short on the numbers, plus then the pattern said (after I bought it, which I’m a little bitter about) that it wants a yarn with a tighter-than-usual gauge. So the rest of the Baby Alpaca got returned, and I kept the one I had to keep (oh no, not baby alpaca D:), and now it’s sitting in my stash looking beautiful and teasing me about what I’m going to make out of it (I have no idea).

I got this skein of Anzula Cloud at Webs yesterday with my mommy to make, um, something really nerdy. And that’s all you need to know.

The rest of the story: I am really obsessed with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Like, really, really obsessed. It is my comfort show and I’ve watched at least one episode a day since I had to come home from college in November. And by one a day, I mean probably an average of three a day. Thankfully Netflix has all twelve seasons on demand (I’m mid seasons eight). Part of the reason for the obsession is one Olivia Benson, who I am utterly and completely head over heels in love with. And, because I am a huge nerd and a huge knitter, I feel the need to knit something that she would wear, so I can wear it. I have a long history of doing this. It’s kind of embarrassing. Anyways, this yarn is destined to become a shawl for her fancy, theater-type dates. I think I’m going to do Citron, but I haven’t completely decided yet. And no casting on until I finish either Owls or Valentine’s Day Cardi, which you guys haven’t seen yet, but is super cute and needs to be finished.


Cascade Lana Grande, how I love thee. This is what I’m knitting Owls out of, and it’s really excellent. I wanted an oversized sweater so I went from bulky to super bulky and up a needle size or two, and it’s coming out perfectly. The fabric is a little dense, but that just means it’ll be extra warm, and also something I’m pretty sure I can block out. I’m a little nervous about yardage, but my dad (who bought the yarn for me again, thank you dad <3) said I can get another skein or two if I really need it, and while I bought out Gather Here, I’m pretty sure Mind’s Eye Yarn has a bunch in the same colorway. But I’ll be fine. I think.

I’ve been wanting some Rowan Felted Tweed for ages, and I finally saved up and bought a bunch at Another Yarn. I am really, really excited about this; I’m thinking it’s going to become a Mandel, but I haven’t completely decided yet. Whatever it’s going to be, it will be Awesome. Also, sorry about the awkward picture; it was windy and the yarn kept trying to blow away and I had to take the picture really fast so I wouldn’t lose a skein.

And those, friends and neighbours, are the newest additions to my stash. Exciting, non?


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