Handspun O’Clock!

28 Feb

Hey guys guess what!! I finished my second skein of handspun yarn today! It had been sitting in a centre pull ball for months and I finally, finally got around to plying it today. I’m so proud of the little bugger 😀

It’s one and a half ounces and about 28 yards. It’s very, very cute. There was a little more than ended up getting plied, but just before the end it knotted itself in a huge knot and the centre bull pall fell apart, so I decided to just call it a day. I couldn’t have lost more than a yard, tops, and I’m okay with that.

Now just to find something I can knit with 28 yards! Or maybe even 40 yards, since my first skein is roughly the same fibers and 12 yards! Hmmm…… 😛


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