A New Plan and a Very Old FO

27 Jan

First off, this is what my knitting looked like not last night but the night before:


It did that for a long, long time. And that was from a cake. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.


I have too many sweaters on the needles. And I’ve been feeling guilty about it and guilt leads to stress and stress leads to panic and panic leads to panic attacks so something had to be done. And that was a set of New Rules:

  • Look at all the sweaters I have cast on.
  • Pick one.
  • Finish it.
  • Repeat.
  • And, so I don’t go crazy, when I need to work on something else, small projects are totally cool. Like gloves (because somehow I don’t have a pair of gloves) or hats or maaaaaybe socks but we’ll have to see about that last one. Probably not.

So far, these New Rules are going great! I picked Kenobi, because that’s the one I want to wear the most right now and will be the most practical (oversized sweatshirt, I love you, but you just aren’t knitted). Here’s some progress:

Yay! Progress!

It goes pretty fast since it’s on size 10s and my rows are only 88 stitches long. Right now I’m in Cont.-As-Established-For-19-In. Land, but because the pattern is all varied and whosits it doesn’t feel boring or obnoxious. It’s fun and feels like Progress and Way Less Stress and Varied (only a better word so I don’t use the same word twice only I can’t think of one because I have a cold) and, most importantly, Fun. So yay for good choices!

I’m also going to cast on with this yarn when I’m done with this post (or possibly when my cold goes away because small needles + cold may or may not = horrible mistake):

Such sproingy, smooshy goodness!

That right there is the Shibui Sock from earlier this week only in a color better suited for this pattern. I am not so much interested in the vampire-y part of it as much as the really pretty gloves bit. The color is a little brighter than this picture, turning it into a really lovely, rich mulberry-raspberry type of deliciousness. I am quite excited.

And then you know what I found lurking on my memory card, hidden between scores of pictures I had already put on my computer?


A Ghostly Bunny Nugget!


This little guy was meant as part of a swap package from way back in last summer, only his package got lost in the mail.


Now  he haunts the Post Office that lost him making mischief; moving packages from one pile to another, unrolling entire rolls of packing tape, popping all the bubble wrap. Little do they know they have a bunny nugget on their hands!

And with that, my friends, I shall retire to tissues and hot tea and naps and eventually knitting one day.



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