Sweater Guilt

23 Jan

I’m starting to have some pretty serious sweater guilt, given that I promised myself only two on the needles and I’ve currently got four going. But, when one of them looks like this:

And this:

Not to mention this:

And the whole thing in general is doing this:

It’s hard to feel too bad.

But still, definitely some serious sweater guilt going on. Here’s the plan:

  • knit to waist band on Unicorn Tides (i.e. 5.25 inches from Turning Row)
  • finish the current Snuggleupagus sleeve
  • finish the goddamned yoke on Cria
  • work on Kenobi as the mood strikes
  • back to Unicorn Tides up to the armholes (and remember to drop the waist band to my natural waist)
  • and then just generally work on all four evenly, though possibly paying special favor to Unicorn Tides, seeing as it is a super special gift to myself.

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