13 Jan

I’m going to be away for an unknown period of time, but I promise I’m not leaving you all forever. In the mean time, have some pictures I was saving for a more coherent post:

Yet another picture of Lilac Mocha because she's just so cute.


A sneak peak of yarn I've balled and casted on a new project for because I am super irresponsible and breaking my number-of-sweaters-on-the-needles rule already. Note the giant tangle in the middle. It Would Not Stop Doing That.

Frogged it! Why? You'll just have to wait and see!!

Frogged this too! Why? Because I needed the stitch markers!!! (also, other more real reasons. but not mostly)

And there you have it, Blogging World. There may or may not be knitting time where I am going, but I promise I’ll post when I get back no matter what, if only to fill you in on the details of above pictures until I have something more real to show you.


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