FO: Lilac Mocha (1/12)

10 Jan

I finished my Lilac Mocha!

It went so fast and so smoothly, I couldn’t have asked for a better project.

And the results are so good; it’s incredibly practical and cosy and cute and just all around a great project.

I could definitely see knitting this again as a gift; no yards + no time = excellent gifting.

And it’s my first finished sweater for 12sweaters2012!!

Pattern: #294 Summer Open Cardigan by Diane Soucy
Time Span: 7 January 2012 to 10 January
Materials: Louet Riverstone in Lilac and Sachet
Ravelry link:


One Response to “FO: Lilac Mocha (1/12)”

  1. Buttons&YarnOHMY January 10, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    Love this! Super cute!!!! and looks nice and cozy!

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