A few things

4 Sep

As a follow up to the chocolate-and-M&M covered twinkie, yesterday I had a peanut butter and jelly chocolate cup for breakfast and lunch, plus also dessert tonight.

It’s really, really big. I swear.

Also, it’s been Daybreak O’Clock!

It is so incredibly pretty, I can’t believe it. I am So. Excited. for this shawl that taking a break to blog is a little painful. I’m trying really hard to have it finished in time to wear on Saturday, the day I go back to college, but we’ll have to see. The rows just keep getting longer and longer and loooooonger………………………………O.o

See? Isn’t it beautiful??? Also, I decided to save the Huntington for socks, and I’m using the Bristol Gallery Buckingham I used for my Fishtail Wristers. It’s much softer, not reasonable for socks, and the shade of grey goes better with the Zauberball, PLUS I can knit a medium instead of a small. All in all, an excellent choice.

In other news, the bunnies are getting much love. In fact, they are on my feet at this very moment. I pretty much only take them off when I leave the house because, y’know, why on earth would I take them off?

In further other news, Boy’s stay here has been wonderful! Here’s some evidence of his existence:

Settlers of Catan, spread out all over the table, where it’s been for about twenty-eight hours, and will most likely stay there for another twenty-eight or so.

And lastly, in Internet News, I have found a new knitting blog I’m a little obsessed with! It’s called Good Enough, and it’s smart and funny and knitter-ly and has pretty pictures and also makes me wish I lived in Edinburgh. Y’all should read it!!


p.s. nearly forgot, but the reason I haven’t been posting swap packages is because they’re all being sent to my college address, where I’m not yet. Expect a big Look At All The Fancy Things I Got In The Mail post on Saturday, or maybe Sunday or Monday, depending on just-getting-back-to-college timing.


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