29 Aug

The bunnies, they have arrived.

And they are so cute!! I love them to pieces (hopefully not literally!). They were really easy to make, felting included. I ended up running them through the washing machine two and a half-ish times, and then doing a little bit of hand felting on the ears. I would definitely make them again, and I imagine I’ll end up with a herd in time for Christmas. I’m thinking a rainbow of bunnies? Even if I gift them, the pictures would be incredible, and the recipients super happy 🙂

Whether they are coming or going, they are just the most adorable. I did end up letting them dry while on my feet, and while it result in some cold toes, I now have slippers molded to my feet. Best. Idea. Ever. (thanks Emma!) And when they did dry, my oh my are they warm. I can’t wait to have them for Wisconsin winters! The only not-perfect thing about them is that I sort of forgot that on the non-eye side of safety eyes there’s a pokey bit, but it hasn’t been a problem so far, and I’m pretty sure as long as no one steps on my toes I’ll be fine.

The pictures are a little crappy due to awful lighting late at night, but you can see how fuzzy and soft and cosy they are. I spent a long time picking out a color, and I’m super happy with the heathered lavender I ended up with. And the 220 felted really well, as promised. I don’t quite know their personalities yet, but I can tell you that the left one has stand-y up-y ears, and the right one has floppy ears, so I can already tell they’re two distinct bunnies.

Pattern: hopsalots by tiny owl knits
Time Span: 25 to 28 August 2011
Materials: 237.6 yards of Cascade 220 Heathers, 2.2 yards of Valley Yarns Lenox (for the noses) and 6.6 yards of Filatura di Crosa North Pole (for the tails)
Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/annanlove19/hopsalots

This project was brought to you by the spectacular Maria (hi Maria!!), who gifted me the pattern.

Also, you guys, I have totally been working on my Devon! I hadn’t (mostly) forgotten about it, I’ve just been sidetracked by socks. But I picked it up again the other day, and I even have photographic evidence:

I’ve knit a whole, like, two stripes. And I’m thinking about knitting some more! We’ll have to see. I did just pack up nearly all of my yarn to be driven out to college, so maybe I’ll be inspired? Probably not, but at least I’m pretending I’m making progress 😛

Also, you guys, I have a Kitten and she’s really, really cute.

Beautiful, right? She’s my pride and joy 🙂

Oh oh I also got unstuck on that swap I was stuck on! What a relief! I have to hold off on more swapping anyways, since I won’t be with my yarn again until the 10th, but at least I can stop stressing about it.


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