Rainbow Sock-y Goodness!

19 Aug

I have two whole pairs of knitted socks now!! I finished these guys last night not even at four-thirty in the morning. It may have been three in the morning and there may have been a Bizarre Foods marathon taking place.

I love love love them. The tiny bit of green at the very end of the toe on the second sock just about made my night, and the stripes were so much fun to watch come to life. One day I’ll need to figure out how to combat the stripes continuing on the heel and then having a lack of fading when it joins back with the instep, but according to pictures on Ravelry I am not the only one who has this problem, so I’m not too concerned.

In the mean time, I have a new pair of (nearly excruciatingly so in this heat) warm socks, and I am super looking forward to wearing them in Wisconsin winters. When everybody else has freezing feet, I’ll just casually pull up the bottom of my pant legs and be like, “Oh, you mean you don’t have a pair of handknit socks you can throw on when it gets below zero out and the wind sounds like an Evil Force trying to break in through your windows? That’s too bad.” I am really, really looking forward to this, although it may result in me needing to knit everyone I know socks for Christmas, but worse things have happened. I already have one request, which I actually found pretty flattering, seeing as I’ve only knit two pairs so far.

My eventual Sock Goal is to be able to bring only handknit socks to college for at least one term before I graduate. This gives me about three and a half years, and at this pace, I’ll have no problem with that, but of course actually being at college will slow me down. A lot of my professors don’t mind if I knit in class though, which is productive, but also may result in a lot of pairs of fairly simple ribbed socks. Still, nothing wrong with those! Cozy socks are cozy socks 🙂

These socks also happen to go perfectly with my stiletto pink polka dot padded puffy sneakers, and I’m just going to let you think I wear these every day and definitely not only one time the day after I bought them because that would be not only a waste of money but a pitiful homage to such excellent shoes.

Pattern: Spiral Eyelet Socks by Sandi Rosner
Time Span: 13 to 18 August 2011
Materials: 321.2 yards of Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic
Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/annanlove19/spiral-eyelet-socks

Oh, also, I forgot to include this in my last post, but in the midst of my everything-is-terrible couple weeks, I bought this:

Two balls of bright red (not orange at all) 100% angora, and at 49 yards and six dollars each, it was quite a good deal! I’m going to make fingerless gloves one day, but I think I’ll save it for when I am having an attack of College Stress and need to knit with something like bright red angora. Also, turns out angora is impossible to photograph.


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