Oh, weather…

8 Jul

But first, a FO!

Pjs in sweater form!! :D


Pattern: Rose by Kim Hargreaves
Time Span: 26 June to 8 July 2011 (not bad, if I do say so myself)
Materials: 1116 yards of Universal Yarns Cotton Supreme (6.2 balls)
Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/annanlove19/rose

I finished Rose, and in plenty of time to take to Maine! She is the best sweater ever, and is made of cosy. It was a very quick, easy knit, but I did find a few errata that weren’t online anywhere:

–For the back, under the Shape Raglans section, after you do the two cast-off rows, it should say Work 2 rows, rather than Work 3 rows. I’m surprised nobody found this before, but now it is On The Internet, so hopefully it’ll be searchable if anyone is stuck!

–On the collar, work a picot at the beginning of every row. The instructions leave this out entirely, but I’m pretty sure you can see the picots in the picture in the book, and also it looks better that way. I also cast-off in picot, which took a full hour and a half, but was worth it.


Picot! Plus a corner of my kitten.

I also learned that “almost done” is a relative term. I was “almost done” last night, when I finished sewing it together and started on the collar. I was “almost done” this morning, when I only had another 4 cm left on the collar. I was “almost done” when it was time to cast-off the collar. I was “almost done” when I only had ends to weave in. But, now I am actually done, and that is the important part. Wearing Rose is like wearing pjs, only pjs that look super classy and not like pjs at all and can be worn grocery shopping and to class.

I think the yarn contributes to that. It’s 100% cotton, but magical cotton that is the softest ever. I absolutely recommend it for any project, but especially bigger ones, since each ball has 180 yards. This is a little torturous if you don’t have a swift, but it’s super handy that I could knit a full sweater out of almost only six balls (stupid collar that goes on forever and ever and ever). I got it on sale at Webs with a birthday gift certificate, so I’m not sure how much it usually costs, but it is absolutely worth it. I have almost three skeins left, and that’s more than enough to Play With.

But about that weather. In my neck of the woods it’s been around 90° for several weeks straight and it’s been miserable. My temperature enjoyment caps off around 75°, which is pushing it a little, so this has not been enjoyable. But today I finally decided to embrace it, and I wore a mini skirt and a summer-y yellow tee-shirt and got ingredients to make a Summer Dinner, consisting of Salad and Pasta. Then this happened:

I am not thinking of a clever alt text for this image, other than tears.


And this:

More unclever tears...

More clouds...

And then finally this:

Just to be clear, those are raindrops and not actual tears.

Rain drops on the drain in my driveway.

It wasn’t raining hard enough to be Fun and Exciting, just enough to be blah. Usually grey and rainy is my absolute favorite weather ever, but I had spent so long psyching myself up for the Hot and Sun and Humid and Gross that it brought about a set of Mopes. Dinner plans got put put on, or should I say off, the back-burner, and have been replaced with pizza. Moosewood deliciousness will have to wait for another night.

In the spirit of jumping from one topic to the next like a jumping-thing, yesterday I bought yarn for my next sweater, Devon, also by Kim Hargreaves (I swear sometimes I knit things that aren’t by her…). It’s Berroco Ultra Alpaca, a yarn I have heard wonderful things about, in the 6201 Winter White and 62169 Twinkle Mix colorways. I haven’t decided when I’m going to cast on yet, but I’m very excited.

You can't really see, but there is in fact a second "Winter White" skein hiding under one of the blues.

Yummy goodness 😀

The very nice lady whose name I think was Tammie also wound a skein of yarn I had with me but hadn’t bought there. It’s Fleece Artist Trail Socks, and I am So Excited to knit my First Pair of Socks Ever from it. I might start in Maine, or I might wait until I get back and have things like Internet and such for the scary bits. But here it is all wound up waiting for me:



And now, it is time to eat the pizza before it gets cold. Fair well, Knitting-Blog-Readers. See you on Monday, with lots of pictures from Maine.


One Response to “Oh, weather…”

  1. Jill Merrill July 9, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    You be so cute. And your creations. How about knitting a bathing suit? Then you’d have a handmade knit item for the hottest of times. Love the sweater, but you already know that. And I *love* your photos.

    On that note – the photos of the new sweater yarn and the sock yarn don’t really do them justice. The sweater yarn is more blue and cream, and the sock yarn is just variegated yummy. I’m sure the photos of them on you, which will be posted in about ten minutes at the rate you knit, will show their “true colors.”

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